Bluff Strokes Mississippi River Art Workshops Paint Dubuque

Steeple Square (15th & White) will host our Patron Party (Oct 13, 6-9pm) and Public Sale (Oct 14, 9am-7pm)


Thank you 365Ink!  We are very proud to have received the 365Ink "Impact Award" for "Best Idea". We are so excited to build on our successful inaugural year by hosting our Second Annual Bluff Strokes Plein Air Paint Out this Oct 8-14, 2017!

A week of painting, culminating in a big party and sale!

We are inviting 60 artists in October 2017 to paint Dubuque and enjoy our natural and architectural beauty.  This is an opportunity to see the world we live in through the eyes of artists from all around the Midwest.  They will be painting throughout Dubuque Sunday,  October 8 - Thursday night October 12, 2017.  On Friday the 13th of October,  we will hang work from their week of painting.  These works will be juried by artist Stuart Fullerton from Chicago (see home page) and awarded about $10,000 in prizes.   You will get to purchase these award winning paintings (prices are set before awards are given) and take home a piece of Dubuque for your own home or business.   

Good places to view the Artists during the week:  River Walk, Millwork District, Churches, Arboretum, Eagle Point Park, Downtown Dubuque, Historic 4th Street, Scenic Vistas along Hwy 52.

You MAY approach the artists!  They are a fascinating group (from former investment bankers to retired teachers) and enjoy talking about their artwork, as well as meeting people from the area.  It's a great way to connect to the artist and let them know why that spot is special to you.  See their completed artwork at the Public Sale on Saturday, Oct 14 at Steeple Square (15th & White, formerly St. Mary's).  You might find an artist you want to begin collecting!

Quick Paint

Site TBA - Artists will have 3 hours to paint, frame and turn in a painting to be judged in the Quick Paint Category.

Nocturne Paint Out

Thursday, Oct 12 from 5pm - 10pm - Artists will set up in downtown areas with good electric light and interesting signs and structures (bars, Fenelon Place, Main St, the Cathedral).  Our Graffiti wall at 1st & Main, with Harley's parked in front of it, became our Best of Show winner last year and we plan on having more motorcycles and graffiti this year! 

Sponsor/Patron Preview Party

Friday Evening, Oct 13 -  at Steeple Square (15th & White St) - 6pm - 9pm.  Winners announced, followed by Preview Sale.  Fall meal provided by The Food Store, with wine from Van's and kegs of beer from Jubeck's.  The cost of the Patron Pass is $100, which entitles (2) people to attend.  The $100 ticket price applies FULLY  to the purchase price of art (it's really just a non-refundable deposit on art!).  Pass is good for use on purchases made Saturday as well, but may only be used once.  No refunds given.  Contact Jillayne at (712) 203-0227 or Wes at (563) 845-1801 to purchase your Patron Pass for the best chance at your favorite painting!

Public Sale

Saturday, Oct 14 - 9am - 7pm - Public Sale with over 300 works of art available at Steeple Square (15th & White).  Live music all day!