Churchyard & Graveyard

Linwood Cemetary

Linwood Cemetary was opened in 1870.  It features tombs and gravestones ranging from simple to grand, beautiful mature groves of trees, and a view overlooking the Mississippi.  A unique feature is the CIVIL WAR Soldiers' Monument, built in 1884.  The monument, topped with the statue of a tired, thoughtful union infantryman, carries the names of the battles in which veterans fought: Antietam, Gettysburg, Atlanta, Vicksburg, Appomattox, and Mobile Bay, Shiloh and Wilson’s Creek.  Below that is the famous phrase from Theodore O’Hara’s poem: “…on fame’s eternal camping ground their silent tents are spread.”  Surrounding it are graves of those who fought in wars including: WORLD WAR I, WORLD WAR II, Civil War, SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR, KOREAN WAR, VIETNAM WAR, and one from the BLACK HAWK WAR.

Setup Space:  Lots of room for many artists to spread out.

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