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Dubuque is target rich for painters

It offers panoramic Mississippi overlooks, as well as diverse riverfront scenes.  Located in the Driftless Region, Dubuque and its surroundings are placed in a geography of meadows, forests, and creek valleys.  Settled by French fur trader Julien Dubuque in 1785, and chartered in 1838, Dubuque is layered in an architectectural history of homes, buildings, churches, and bridges.  It's park system includes Eagle Point Park, Dubuque Arboretum with Japanese and English Gardens, a huge Mines of Spain nature preserve.  Dubuque is alternatively historic, panoramic, gritty, quaint, and intimate.  It is a community for wandering around and finding interesting nooks and crannies.  Explore!

This website suggests many settings for painting, but it is by no means comprehensive; we will continue to add sites over time. 

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Historic downtown

Historic Homes



Working Dubuque


Churchyard & graveyard